Sitemap - 2020 - Memoir Land

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A famous lover, a saddle rug, and a book fair

Sailing, Appalachia, and anti-racist bestsellers

Coral reefs and queer liberation

Announcing our next reading line-up!

Montaigne, postpartum psychosis, and nonviolence

Ghosts, fairy tales, and a last chance to hear family stories

Sylvia Plath, focus groups, and mixed blessings

Scuba diving, Battlestar Galactica, and poly relationships during a pandemic

Avatar: The Last Airbender, nuns, and a mastectomy

The Party Line, literacy, and fatherhood during a pandemic

Guns, thirst traps, and the Swet Shop Boys

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Sacred stories, fake birthdays, and multilingualism

A love triangle, fertility treatments, and deafness

Malaga Island and an alumna interview

Sex and the City, climate change, and our next reading line-up

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Boobs, fascists, and the bomb

An international murder case, accessibility, and a still life

Lolita, Hemingway, and our next reading line-up

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Missing heroes and writing into the unknown

Plagues, astronomy, and a Freddie Mercury party

Introducing a new Memoir Monday partner!

Messy girls and venomous fish

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Memoir Monday Newsletter for 6/8

Radicals, neighbors, and being expected to hide your grief at work

Conspiracy theories, break-up sex, and our next reading line-up

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Apostates, comfort food, and teenage pranks

Bee stings, epidurals, and incarceration

Introducing the Memoir Monday Book List!

Drag queens, little league, and tarot cards

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Furries, speechwriting, and Memoir Monday on Zoom!

Girlhood, topsoil, and small breeds

Seaweed soup and Disney cosplay

Mistaken identity, miscarriage, and the New South

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Bonsai trees, loaded guns, and a season of rats

A 4-year-old mayor and the archives of women's history

Biker dudes, little dogs, and gifted kids

Political pregnancy, cadavers, and breakups

Stepparents, tattoos, and a very exciting excerpt

Paris Syndrome and women writers who disappear

Dragon kings and fresh starts